Thursday, January 27, 2011

Russian Fairytales

When I was little I loved fariytales. I loved to be read a story. I especially loved to have a bed time story read.

My favorite was The Snow Queen, and I listened to it night after night: "Love. What is stronger than love?"

I found these verbal Russian Wonder Tales from Toast's website. I think that Toast is a department store in the UK. How nice they put together webspace to send out holiday greetings in the form of these stories.

These are wonderful winter tales. If you have some time; or if you'd like to have a bedtime story read to you, these are PERFECT. But, just remember, they are from Russia.

Both stories are in two parts. The stories are.

Tsar Sultan

Little Bear's Son

This is the link to Toast's page with the wonder tales.

Russian Wonder Tales from Toast




  1. Yay Brianne..beautiful post..we are such kindreds..I too adore the same tales..magical!! thanks for the link!
    Happy Wkd!

  2. Love these stories! I love the fire cracking in the background of the recording, gorgeous illustrations as well!! xxxx

  3. If I listen hard enough I can still hear that #$#% record playing---over and over and over and over. You were a such a trial to your older cooler teenage sister--LOL!!
    Luv Ya Anyway---