Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fairies for Audrey

I am inviting fairies to my house. I really have never done it before. I don't even think I did this as a girl. I wasn't a fairy child. But, for Audrey, I am asking the fairies to please come. I know they are around the house. They show up in the photographs. The little flashes of light. The spheres of lights that sparkle in the ferns and in the oaks when I take the pictures at dusk.

  I hear the cardinals talking to them. They chase the hawk away from the baby birds. Yes, I know they are around the beautiful yard I tend. But, I never have invited them to meet. I have never looked for them. Until now. Fascinating, how really ethereal but "dirt beneath the fingernails" they are. I must say, my kind of folk. I am putting together some semblance of them for a "Cooperative Schoolhouse" that Terri's sending out as her affirmation through her blog Artful Affirmations.
 The cooperative must have some books that the fairies will use.

melissa de le fuente
 Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is a fairy or a faire creature.

I am not sure if that is one in the same. I am not knowledgeable of the faire ones.

So, I wished to see the costumery that I have heard so much about. Especially that which is worn by the ladies.

So, dear Audrey, for you the fairies come. They come to show me a world they want you to know. And, yes, me too. So, I allow the muse to carry me and I will have fun and journey joyfully into this place for this time.

A thought to set up a tea-party on the roof just came to me. Which fairy told me to do that? I will project an umbrella, small and bright into the universe. I will put it on the roof, Audrey, so the sun won't spoil the tiny cucumber sandwiches.

Well, I will keep thinking of the fairies. And, because I am open to them, I am sure they will come visit me. And, I will dream of being in a bed fit for my fairy self.



  1. What a lovely post.

    I remember fairy rings in the grass and making "fairy halos" from daisies when I was Audrey's age.

    You were actually more of a vampire/witch child if I remember correctly. I'm sure you do.

    Looking forward to seeing the completed "fairy schoolhouse".

  2. To Megan: It was our Hungarian mother's bloodline, and Dark Shadows that made me afraid of the vampire: bedsheets tucked all around the neck at night. Witches ever since the Wizard of Oz. I wish I played with fairies.

  3. Oh, I love this post, Brianne! When I walk in the woods, I do think that fairies must live here. There are so many wonderful places for them to play & sleep!

  4. Wow...what a super dazzling post heart is singing and my soul enchanted!! Shine on..wishing you much Fairy magic and sparkles everywhere you go! beautiful photos..and words..and just super lovely!